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Serving family law throughout Polk County including Auburndale, Bartow, Fort Meade, Frostproof, Haines City, Lakeland, Lake Wales & Winter Haven.

When looking through family lawyers, what better choice than the area’s most trusted father-son law firm?

At Fulmer & Fulmer, we know it isn’t always easy to discuss your personal life with a professional, so we respond with compassion and experience to all our family law clients. We offer support and clarity at a time when you need it most.

Arthur Fulmer, Sr., is certified by the state of Florida as a family law mediator. In that role, he can help meet your needs without ever having to set foot in a courtroom.

If it’s determined that a judge is necessary, he can serve as your aggressive family lawyer in the hearing – while you are able to keep from becoming overly stressed, given the sensitivity of the situation.

Arthur C. Fulmer, Jr., is a dedicated family law attorney centrally focused on addressing the concerns of individual families and acting in the best interests of children. He has expertise both in negotiating favorable settlement agreements and, as necessary, fighting tenaciously for your rights in the courtroom.

Central to each family attorney is an awareness that genuine care and concern, as well as listening are imperative to assisting clients when resolving matters that can often feel intimate and vulnerable.

Adoption Lawyers & Attorneys

There are laws in the state of Florida that are designed to protect children in adoption scenarios so that the right to a solid, stable environment is always the priority. The concerns and guidelines listed within adoption-related statutes are the realm of an adoption attorney.

The “legislative intent” of the Florida Adoption Act (basically the reason it was initially introduced by legislators) states, “[Florida] has a compelling interest in providing stable and permanent homes for adoptive children in a prompt manner, in preventing the disruption of adoptive placements, and in holding parents accountable for meeting the needs of children.”

As you can see, our adoption laws are squarely focused on the child’s best interests.

Although having a stringent set of legal expectations in place safeguards boys and girls when adoptions occur, the downside is that the process involves jumping through many legal hoops – possibly including the biological mother and/or father, private agencies that care for kids, and/or the Department of Children and Family Services. In other words, adoption lawyers can be extraordinarily helpful, if not vital, to seeing that your concerns are argued as soundly and aggressively as possible.

Unfortunately, adoption can be challenging. Beyond the legal concerns, it can be emotionally exhausting: parenting is a fundamental way that we find meaning in life and feel connected, so it can be frustrating when regulations stand in our way. Parents wanting to integrate a child into their current family, especially when the child is older or adopted from another country, may also worry about family dynamics.

A competent and concerned adoption attorney can openly, clearly, and specifically communicate the legal process to you so that you can establish a strong foundation in your case. They can perform the research needed to win your case so that your stress is minimized.

Going through the legal process associated with an adoption is heart-wrenching if you feel that you are vulnerable to losing a child based on technicalities in the law. At Fulmer & Fulmer, we scrutinize the specifics of your case so that your adoption doesn’t suffer from denials or unnecessary delays. Our father-son adoption lawyers have proven themselves in mediation and in trial, so your chance of a positive outcome is improved.

The basic framework of adoption law for the state of Florida is defined within the Florida Adoption Act (Title VI, Chapter 63). Other relevant statutes – laws passed by the state legislature – include the Social Welfare (Title XXX, Chapter 409) and Determination of Parentage (Title XLIII, Chapter 742) provisions.

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Child Custody Lawyers & Attorneys

Custody battles are no less stressful than adoptions. The need to establish custody in mediation or court typically is a result of divorce or possibly a death. Child custody lawyers argue for the best interests of the child on your behalf. However, the best legal advocates aren’t just resolving a dispute between the parents to support the rights of the child. They are also caring throughout the ordeal, aware that you are shouldering a huge emotional burden.

A family law court will typically order that custody be shared. Alternately, the judge will rule that one parental environment is harmful or detrimental to the child’s well-being, in which case they will mandate sole custody to the other parent.

A wide variety of factors related to child’s needs will be reviewed as the court determines the parameters for custody. Child custody lawyers can help you present a strong case so that the resolution is not just in the child’s best interests but also in your own.

At Fulmer & Fulmer, we understand how to craft an argument that meets the expectations expressed in the child custody laws while delivering your message and advocating your position.

Factors to be addressed by a child custody attorney include:

  • The affection and strength of the parent-child bond
  • The breadwinning or financial capacity of the parent
  • The stability and safeness of the child’s current home, as well as the extent to which they are accustomed to their surroundings
  • The risk that the other parent might be unwilling to participate civilly in shared custody
  • The physical, psychological, and ethical soundness of each parent
  • The behavior of the child in all aspects of their life
  • The opinion of the child (although not always applicable)
  • Any signs of physical or emotional abuse.

Our child custody lawyers have the compassion, drive, and experience to passionately and knowledgeably represent you.

Fundamental laws they will use to develop your case include the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (Title VI, Chapter 61) and Temporary Custody of Minor Children by Extended Family (Title XLIII, Chapter 751) provisions.

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Child Support Lawyers & Attorneys

We all know that marriage is not just a legal arrangement. It’s an establishment of family structure that allows a strong environment to raise children. When a couple gets divorced, it can feel disruptive and weakening for both the parents and the kids. The goal of the Florida courts is to reestablish firm ground, always acting in the best interests of the children – so child support lawyers help to determine a fair amount that meets their needs.

Once the divorce has been resolved, with child custody determined by the judge, you still may need a child-support attorney. It is incredibly common for a parent to neglect to make support payments. In fact, there is a total of $108 billion in back-due child support nationwide (2009, Office of Child Support Enforcement).

The other parent may lose income and be unable to pay; at other times, it is simply an act of irresponsibility or retaliation. If you are owed money by the other parent or need to defend yourself against any support-related accusations, you want a competent and aggressive child support lawyer.

At Fulmer & Fulmer, we are deeply familiar with the bond parents share with their children. In fact, familial connection is embedded in the structure of our father-son law firm. If you are getting a divorce or are experiencing ongoing problems, you need a child support attorney who can resolve the issues while protecting you from unnecessary stress. We typically use mediation to reach an understanding prior to the final court decision.

Major statutes important to the work of child support lawyers are the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (Title VI, Chapter 88) and Arbitration Code (Title XXXIX, Chapter 682). Other central laws are the Dissolution of Marriage, Support, and Time-Sharing (Title VI, Chapter 61); Determination of Parentage (Title XLIII, Chapter 742); and Temporary Custody of Minor Children by Extended Family (Title XLIII Chapter 751) provisions.

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Divorce Lawyers & Attorneys

In the state of Florida, divorce is initiated when either you or your spouse files a petition for dissolution of the marriage. Since the petition must be certified by the court, it is important to have a reputable and established divorce attorney at your side.

It may be comforting to know that the goal of the court in the event of divorce is fundamentally positive – as expressed in the Civil Practice and Procedure statutes (Title VI, Chapter 61). The marriage dissolution laws are designed for three core reasons:

  1. “To preserve the integrity of marriage and to safeguard meaningful family relationships”;
  2. “To promote the amicable settlement of disputes that arise between parties to a marriage”; and
  3. “To mitigate the potential harm to the spouses and their children caused by the process of legal dissolution of marriage.”

In some situations, all you need to end the marriage is a well-worded petition crafted by a divorce lawyer; however, most often the process is more drawn-out. Divorce cases are often complex, with disputes and hurt feelings contributing to highly charged, stress-inducing litigation. Depending on the way that you and your spouse argue your perspectives through your attorneys, as assessed by the judge, your divorce may be classified as No Fault; Simplified; Contested or Uncontested.

At Fulmer & Fulmer, our father-son team of divorce attorneys both have ample experience in family law. Because divorce scenarios can often become complex, we are dedicated to focusing upfront on practical solutions so that you can reach an agreement, free yourself from the situation, and go on with your life.

The laws that are most critical to divorce lawyers are outlined in the Dissolution of Marriage, Support, and Time-Sharing (Title VI, Chapter 61) provisions; Probate Code for Intestate Succession and Wills (Title XLII, Chapter 732); and Florida Trust Code (Title XLII, Chapter 736).

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Estate & Trust Lawyers & Attorneys

It isn’t always easy to think straight when considering your death and who should receive your assets when you are gone. That’s why it’s vital to have an honest, dependable, and savvy professional team that is prepared to help you handle the transfer of property – a will, trust, and estate planning attorney.

Why is it critical that everything proceed smoothly? Let’s look at a couple of facts:

  1. Estates can be sizable. The average inheritance in the United States is $177,000 (2013, HSBC).
  2. Money is one of our primary sources of stress. When surveyed, almost three in four Americans (72%) reported some financial stress during the last month (2015, American Psychological Association).

At Fulmer & Fulmer, we have intimate working knowledge of the applicable federal and state tax guidelines. Our estate lawyers have proven skills in crystal-clear, accurate, and comprehensive document preparation; estate administration; and probate litigation.

Florida statutes that are essential to the statements and arguments of an estate attorney are the Conveyances of Land and Declarations of Trust (Title XL Chapter 689) provisions; Florida Trust Code (Title XLII, Chapter 736); and Principal and Income section of the Estates and Trusts (Title XLII, Chapter 738) provisions.

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Other Family Law Claims

There are various other situations in which a family law firm can help advise you so that the legal rights of you and your loved ones are protected. These additional areas of expertise for which Fulmer & Fulmer is fully equipped include:

  • Grandparents’ Rights
  • Father’s Rights
  • Mother’s Rights
  • Pre-marital
  • Paternity
  • Dependency Claims
  • Other Guardianship Concerns
  • Wills
  • Lawyers for Children

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A True Family Law Firm

Do you have concerns related to adoption; child custody or support; divorce; estates; or any other aspect of family law? If so, contact a Polk County family law firm that really is a family: Fulmer & Fulmer. Our father-son team knows how to resolve disputes in mediation and represent you aggressively in court as necessary.

We also are fully aware that family is central to life and that these cases can be energetically and emotionally draining. We will do everything in our power to keep the situation as stress-free as possible.

To schedule your family law consultation, submit your case information or call 877.828.1839.

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